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Sandman Center For Veins Insurance Info

Insurance CompaniesSandman Center for Veins is in network with most insurance companies, and we accept Medicare. Please bring your photo ID and insurance cards with you to each appointment.

Pre treatment requirements: Some insurance companies require a “trial of conservative therapy” for up to 3 months prior to approving treatment. The exact time requirement varies between insurance companies. Usually conservative therapy means wearing prescription, class 2, compression stockings, leg elevation and increased activity. Compliance with this requirement is necessary for payment authorization. The patient is responsible for the cost of these compression stockings with most insurance companies. Some require photographs of your venous condition be submitted with the treatment request/claim. We will take these photos on your consultation visit.

Insurance reimbursements depend on your particular insurance company, as well as, the terms of your individual policy. Each company’s policies and philosophies are different, and each person’s policy within each company can be different. After completing your evaluation, if treatment for your condition is recommended, we will gladly submit a claim for you. Our insurance specialist can assist with navigating insurance coverage. Some insurance companies require pre-authorization prior to procedures, but many do not. Generally, if the ultrasound of your veins is abnormal, and you are having a medical problem (tired, achy, heavy, pain, swelling, skin changes, leg ulcers, etc.,) most insurance companies will approve the recommended treatments.

Cosmetic treatments: No insurance company will pay for cosmetic treatments, unless you have Messa insurance. We can bill for Messa.

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