Patient Testimonials


“I came to the Sandman Vein center because of leg swelling. I was very scared to come in and have my legs treated because I don’t handle pain very well at all but the staff all worked hard to make me as relaxed and comfortable as possible from the front desk person to the doctor. They all kept me informed every step of the way and made my experience the best it could be.”

“I am very happy with the results on my vein treatment. I admit I was a little nervous at first. Then I met Nancy at the front desk. She quickly put me at ease. I enjoyed the time I spent with Dr. Sandman and her staff. They are very professional and kind. I enjoyed the music playing and the environment. Much to my surprise the treatment was not painful. My legs are smoother and looking better daily. I recommend this treatment to anyone (male or female) who are tired of heavy legs and pain. Being a hairstylist standing on my feet all day, now I don’t have to give up my career. I miss your smiling faces!”